Photo Credit : Tyrel McIntire @tm.visual

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My name is Alexander Aghayere and I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Art is the most important part of my life and is one of the only things I'm serious about. Creating has become who I am and has been that way for several years.  I work in many different mediums from traditional to graphic, from oil painting, to ink drawings, I'm passionate about it all.

As of right now I'm working at The Columbia Chronicle as the Art Director and it has been an incredible learning experience. I continue to create and push forward with my craft outside of school and work, with personal projects such as studio work and my graphic novel I'm making titled Grim Genesis. I believe in the power of communication, and story telling and with that I find myself looking at the world in a bigger way, hopefully understanding myself and the people around me a little more and transfer that into my craft.