New Fine Art Series.

The gang is all here.

Bowie Remix 

Human beings, (the final monkey) meets our grandest ancestor, the Old World Monkey. 

Roman, from Grim Genesis

This scene is based on the events of my graphic novel Grim Genesis 

A portrait of Griffin on wood.

A piece challenging justness of the control of youth subconsciously happening through outlets like media, and schools, stripping youth of their ability to adapt for themselves and look around themselves to find answers to their questions.

This piece illustrates the replacement of natural elements in our world with man made "advancements" subsequently blurring the line between the two.

A piece featuring myself and my internal hero, Griffin from my graphic novel "Grim Genesis" 

A caricature illustration of the late, great, Prince, one of my favorite artists. RIP

This piece discusses the toxic ideals that we are taught subconsciously through assimilation in society.

hip hop 2.jpg

Illustration graphic for an article about a local hockey team not being funded.

Illustration graphic comparing the vocal cords of Humans and Orangutans.

Illustration graphic showing the part of the brain that is activated when humans read books that immerse the reader in the actions occurring in the story.

Diversity Illustration made for a feature article about staff and faculty diversity at Columbia College Chicago

Character study of my original character "MAD BAE". Featuring Griffin.

This piece discusses my personal battle with perfection, specifically in my artistic endeavors 

Dream The Movement